Supplier Management

Fairmarkit enables supplier management on three fronts: Supplier Consolidation, Disadvantaged Business Inclusion and Supplier Performance.

Supplier Consolidation: Many organizations target reductions in their supplier base to minimize the administrative costs of maintaining suppliers and drive more business to strategic partners. There are three challenges here.

  1. The manual time it takes to review 5,000-200,000 suppliers.
  2. The effort it takes to determine which should be kept or removed.
  3. The risk of over consolidating, sacrificing competition in pursuit of aggressive price points.

Fairmarkit’s unique process for collecting and interpreting supplier data allows for both consolidation recommendations and easy access. This allows you to maintain healthy competition across preferred suppliers.

Disadvantaged Business Inclusion: In the past five years, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and Certified Supplier Inclusion has extended from a requirement limited to the public sector to a top priority for all forward thinking procurement departments. Fairmarkit’s auto-supplier recommendation system provides executives with controls to eliminate preferential supplier treatment, filter for DBEs and track overall DBE performance for company-wide DBE reporting. It’s no longer on the buyers or shoppers to memorize DBE vendors, dig through DBE internal databases or scour the internet to ensure the business world is fair for everyone.

Supplier Performance: Most organizations don’t have a strong grasp on supplier performance. This is true for their 20% of strategically managed vendors and more so for the 80% of non-strategically managed vendors. Fairmarkit collects metadata on supplier participation, “no bid” reasons, win rate, average loss percentage and several other metrics to ensure procurement executives can group suppliers at a macro-level to make high-level, strategic decisions.


Fairmarkit delivers a simple sourcing platform to address the 20% of spend that’s not under management

See how Fairmarkit can put your data to work to receive an average of 6-12% cost savings, increase operational efficiencies by 30% and gain the ability to re-allocate your team to more strategic initiatives.
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