Making it easier to get the best price in less time.

Working with procurement teams to bring intelligence and innovation to tail spend purchasing.


26% Better Pricing, 15% Quicker Procurement, Across 4X More Vendors


Use machine learning techniques (NLTK Text, Naive Bayesian… the fun stuff) to analyze and trend data. Removing flawed analysis from the sourcing and procurement process, to identify which supplier and price is best for your organization.


Eliminate the need for bench marking services and hand holding through the procurement process. Work outside the black box of B2B purchasing, view what other companies are paying for the same product.

Tailspend Optimization

Most enterprises are sacrificing millions on unregulated and uncontrolled tailspend because they don’t have the bandwidth to focus on it. Bring automation, trending, and intelligence to your tailspend management.

Sourcing at Scale

Gain back your power at the negotiation table. Expand your horizons from 2 or 3 traditional vendors to sourcing purchases across numerous suppliers with the click of a button. Collaborate purchasing for your team.

What is FairMarkIT?

Founded in the heart of Boston, FairMarkIT is a software company that brings a simplified big data approach to procurement.  We help companies price benchmark internally and externally, while also providing a lightweight platform to automate and identify trends across tailspend purchases.

We enable procurement leaders to make business decisions based off actionable intelligence, and ensure their teams get to the best price faster.

How we're helping the MBTA with tail spend


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