At Fairmarkit, we enable our customers with the same Request for Service (RFS) functionality as they expect from our Request for Quotes (RFQs): simple, automated and data driven

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Why Fairmarkit?

Why Fairmarkit?

Founded in the heart of Boston, Fairmarkit is a SaaS platform that optimizes visibility and control into tail spend processes. While tail spend accounts for only 20% of an enterprise’s annual spend, it makes up 80% of the vendors and transactions, creating a management nightmare. Fairmarkit’s simple tail spend management platform uses machine learning to increase procurement control, yielding greater efficiencies and savings of 6-12%.

Fairmarkit delivers a simple sourcing platform to address the 20% of spend that’s not under management

See how Fairmarkit can put your data to work to receive an average of 6-12% cost savings, increase operational efficiencies by 30% and gain the ability to re-allocate your team to more strategic initiatives.
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