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Yeti Case Study

Case Studies

In YETI’s pilot with FairMarkIT, they were able to realize an immediate cash savings, dramatically increase supplier their supplier base, gain visibility into their supply chain and reduce risk.

Download the full case study to learn more.

MBTA Case Study

Case Studies

Through their partnership with FairMarkIT, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) dramatically increased supplier diversity and cost savings. The MBTA was able to increase competitive bidding, decrease order price, and increase their employee productivity.

In this video, you’ll see how the MBTA is increasing the number of bids, reducing order prices, increasing supplier diversity, and realizing substantial cost savings.

In this eBook you’ll learn how to advance your company’s tail spend management practices.

In this video, you’ll learn how VSP Global is automating their procurement process & reducing their supplier risk.

Many CPOs are challenged by a lack of transparency, an unclear digital strategy, teams that lack the skills & capabilities to maintain a competitive edge in the technology age, and poor data anaylsis.

Download the white paper to find out how you can proactively address them!

Join FairMarkIT as we explore procurement’s relationships across other business units and departments in our new White Paper series.

In this white paper, you’ll learn about the two sets of circumstances in the transit sector that stand out and take the procurement  challenge to a new level.

Download this white paper to learn about the role of stakeholders, importance of optimizing tail spend, the challenge of decentralized models and the need for flexibility in nonprofit procurement.

In Part 2, learn how when properly operated, the partnership between the CIO and the CPO can drive new business opportunities, increase collaboration and maximize effort.

FairMarkIT recently sat down with Michael Cadieux, the former Chief Procurement Officer for Publicis Groupe. He shared with us the top 6 things every Chief Procurement Officer should know.

What is Tail Spend?

Data Sheets

What is the tail spend problem? What is the solution?