Welcome to the FairMarkIT Support site, if you’re new to using the FairMarkIT platform you’ve come to the right place. Please explore out solutions below and if you have any additional questions you can always contact support@fairmarkit.com

How to Send out a Bid or No Bid

• Open email – here you will have the option to select “Bid” or “No Bid”
• If you select “No Bid” you will be listed as a “No Bid” in our system
• If you select “Bid” it will navigate you to the internet and it will open up the full RFQ
where you will have full access to your specific bid
• If there are multiple items to bid on you can bid on all or the specific items
• If you chose to only bid on a few, please select “No Bid” on the ones you do not want to
• Once you have either “Bid” or “No Bid”, you will see your total below with shipping already
• At this point your bid has been sent and you will receive a follow up bid once it has been
closed and awarded